The fabric with the country barn scene saved me when piecing together Love Cat Quillow 2 because it worked perfectly as the backing component. A stroke of brilliance hit me as I thought about backing pieces for the other quillows. About a year ago, my dad gave me four floral curtain panels from his study or guest bedroom. At the time, I knew I would create a skirt from one panel but had no idea what to do with the rest of the fabric.


I tucked the curtain panels in an old suitcase and packed that in the trunk of the car (completely running out of space to store all my sewing stuff). Anyway, I pulled the suitcase from the car trunk and found the four floral curtain panels. Other than being a little on the long side, the panels were the perfect size to serve as the backing for four quillows! Woot woot! After sewing one panel to one of the quillows, I tried sewing patches to bind all three layers.


I like the idea of the patches but not super crazy about the end result. The patches definitely spruced up the floral curtain, but the stitches were messy. After throwing on a few patches here and there, I used a fancy stitch on various areas of the quillow. Hmmmmmmm. Maybe I should research how to quilt by hand, but I know my patience and frustration will get the best of me. On the bright side, I found a beautiful simple stitch on my sewing machine.


The cute curve or wave stitch is perfect to bind all three layers together, and I really like how four quillows turned out with the floral curtain panel. Despite a few minor mistakes here and there, I’m happy and sort of impressed with myself at the progress of these quillows. I’m in the process of taking pictures of all the quillows before handing them over to my mother-in-law, and I’ll post the photos in the next few days.

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