Easiest. Game. Ever! 40 dice in four different colors. The most basic game: a player rolls all 10 dice as fast as they as can until all dice show the same number. So easy. So quick. So fun. At first I was a little skeptical that throwing 10 dice around would be fun, but I was completely wrong.


A small piece of paper tells the origin of the game and explains other ways to play with the dice. I love the big size and bright colors of the dice — I’ve thrown the dice around in the Roll For It game. I can also tuck the game into my purse and whip it out when the conversation turns silent or awkward.


A huge thank you to my aunt who gave me and my sisters a game of Tenzi. Becky and Krissy loved the game so much that they knew their offspring would love the game and they needed to buy more dice for a family of five. I also introduced the game to Charlie’s side of the family who immediately fell in love with the game too!

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  1. I love this game too! Thanks for the heads up on the tip! I bought six games to give to family members. The girls absolutely love the game.

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