My big quillow project is complete! Yay! And Charlie’s mother absolutely loved all the quillows! She was so happy and proud of my work. I took a ton of pictures but failed to label them properly. I can’t identify which distinct backing goes with a certain patchwork front. Argh! Why wasn’t I more organized? I’m totally kicking myself in the tushy right now.
3.QUILLOWIn addition to using all the patchwork squares, I used the extra fabric pieces from Grandmother Mimi’s stash to complete the quilty part of the quillow. I really didn’t have a plan for the newly chosen fabric except that it made my fabric stash so much bigger. Some of the fabric was used to create pillow pockets and others were used to fill out the quilty part.
4.QUILLOWWhile working on so many quillows, I learned a few things about the process. The bigger the pillow pocket then the pillow will be bigger and flatter. A big pillow pocket makes stuffing the quilty (which by the way, quilty should be a real word) part easier, but the pillow won’t be poofy. Actually, I think that might be the only thing I really learned … so far.
5.QUILLOWMy fabric stash has grown drastically thanks to all the wonderful holiday sales at the fabric stores (which honestly is a separate post itself). Even without the special sales, I’m still a bargain shopper and aggressively hunt for the amazing deals. Anyway, I should probably get back to sewing and completing a few quillow orders.

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