I love a good deal. I love buying a ton fabric and paying less than $20 for it all. Am I the only one who gets a certain high leaving a fabric store with a ton of great material and not spending an arm and leg for it? Sure, holiday sales help sewers on a budget, but you really don’t need to wait all year for the winter super deals.


Sign up for the email deals. I used to avoid giving out my email address to stores because I didn’t want my inbox flooded with menial promotional sales. I changed my mind once I found myself frequenting certain stores more often (i.e. fabric stores). Now when I’m looking through my emails I take an extra minute or two to look for emails Jo-Ann and Hancock fabrics. I highly recommend signing up for the promotional emails for Jo-Ann Fabrics especially if you use Shutterfly, an online digital printing service. Once or twice a year, Jo-Ann will email a promotional code for a free 8×8 photo book through Shutterfly.

Entire purchase coupons are good. When I scan through the promotional emails, I look for two things. If the fabric I want (flannel, fleece, cotton) is on sale and if the store has a 20% (or some other numbers) off entire purchase coupon. A good sale is always good, but combine a sale with a coupon for additional savings is even better. Just be sure to read the fine print that states the coupon can be used toward sales or clearance items.


Speaking of clearance items … Whenever I go to Hancock Fabrics, I immediately head to the clearance section and bring up my discount calculator app on my phone. When the store needs to clear out the clearance section, it will offer a maximum clearance price such as $3.99 or $3.49 per yard. A sale like that helped me score three yards of Star Wars fabric for only $2.99 per yard (except I misplaced it and can’t find it) and Minnesota Twins fleece for a whooping $1.89 per yard (seriously, $1.89 a yard!). Combine the clearance price with an entire off purchase coupon, and this girl saved a ton of money!

Save money with remnants. During a recent trip to Hancock Fabrics, the store offered an amazing deal — $1.50 per yard — on remnants. That’s how I scored a ton of licensed fabric (sports, Star War, etc.) for just pennies. Sure, all the fabric were less than a yard but I don’t mind using fabric strips. Remnants at Jo-Ann’s are always 50% off the listed price but if flannel fabric is sale for 50% off then the flannel remnant receives an additional discount. Confused? I was too … at first.


Remnants are marked at full price — a half yard of flannel fabric would be listed at $2.99 if the regular price is $5.99 for a full yard. Then take another 50% off the listed price, leading the new price to be $1.49, which isn’t too bad for half a yard of flannel. However, if the flannel fabric is on sale storewide then the flannel remnant would be sold at the sale price too and then take 50% off for the final price. So, when I’m rummaging through the remnant bin I try to keep in mind which fabrics are on sale storewide for the additional savings.

These are my methods to save money on fabric and other sewing supplies and to tide me over until the big holiday sales. If you have other tips or suggestions on how to save money when buying fabric, please leave comments below! Thanks!

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  1. I love scoring good deals too! I feel so proud of myself when I walk out of a store with bags of good stuff and just paid less than $20 for everything.

  2. I miss shopping with you! I miss hunting through the clearance racks and looking for amazing deals. We need to go shopping soon. πŸ™‚ Hope you had a good holiday.

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever paid full price for fabric — I usually have a coupon or shop the sales. I love scoring great deals too. Makes me feel good.

  4. Even if that’s a pattern I normally wouldn’t pick out I would’ve totally bought it for the mere 19 cents. And then for the price to go down even more is awesome. Nice!

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