After living in Iowa for almost two years, Charlie and I finally spent a day at the Amana Colonies, a popular tourist spot in the state. We started our day with a nice breakfast at a restaurant and walked around the “main street,” ducking inside the many stores and shops.


Despite the “please do not touch” sign, I had a strong urge to snip the yarn on the spindle. I was a little surprised that many of the cute shops displayed strongly “sassy” signs that featured words like firemen, pole, wet, etc. — you get the idea. I was a little surprised the Amana Colonies had a dirty mind.

One of the reasons why I wanted to visit the Amana Colonies was the Christmas events, which included a display of decorated Christmas trees by businesses in the area. Although I prefer angels or stars on top of trees, the elephant is pretty cute and creative.

I found some cute stuff at the stores — fudge, Christmas gifts, etc. — and the stores were clean and organized and filled with a ton of specialty items — candles, jams, knives, etc. But the rest of the items could be found at Target or Amazon (i.e. kitchen utensils).
Quick question: why is anything “mini” super cute and adorable? Mini spatula. Awwwww. I need one to flip cute little cookies. Mini whisk. Cuuuute! I need one for whisking one egg in a mug. Add bright colors and a decent price to all the cooking utensils, and this girl wants to collect them all.
I found the game Tenzi at one of the toy stores, and I was very tempted to buy another set before realizing I — or anyone else in my immediate family — needed a second set.
I’m very happy Charlie and I finally visited the Amana Colonies and we had a great time walking around the area, but we really don’t need to go back anytime soon unless I run out of the awesome sweet wine I found a few wineries and I’m craving a family-style meal.

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