I love my refashioned green hoodie, but I found another small problem with it. The length is a little too short if I choose not to wear a tank underneath it. I’m all for layers, but sometimes one layer is enough. The last bit of tablecloth lace in my stash was the perfect addition for the second refashion — plus it completely matched the side strips I added earlier this year.


The biggest decision I faced was whether I wanted a rounded bottom or an asymmetrical hem. Uncertainty and hesitation made me avoid the asymmetrical hem (which I probably complicated the process in my mind). A rounded hem looked nice in most of the photos I found on Pinterest. I cut the remaining lace in two and hemmed one of the long edges on both pieces.


I matched the lace hem to the bottom seam on the hoodie and double checked the new length and rounded edge. Hemming the remaining edge of the lace wasn’t hard just time consuming. Overall, the process was kind of simple and I would totally try it again with another shirt. Most importantly, I love the new length and look of the hoodie!

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  1. I’ve been seeing more and more clothes that have lace somewhere. Sometimes it’s cute, and sometimes it’s kind of weird. But I like the lace you added to your hoodie. Nice job.

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