I wanted to post some of my favorite quillows that I’ve completed over the past few months. Some have already been sold, and some are listed in my quillow shop. Even though my living room has been a complete disaster during Hurricane Quillow, I’m ecstatic to have honed my sewing skills and send unique quillows to my friends and family.


A customer had requested all-fleece quillows because she and her daughter love fleece blankets. I don’t mind working with fleece but the fabric can become a little heavy when working with four yards. On the plus side, she wanted cute and simple quillows, which meant no quilty panel. Just two panels of fleece plus a pocket — no problem! And my arms get a workout from holding all that fleece!

How cute are the heart quillows? So cute. I’m such a sucker for hearts. If I didn’t already have two quillows, I would have totally kept one for myself. Cute hearts. Bright colors. Awesome price. All fleece. All really good reasons to keep one, right? Thank goodness one of my friends fell in love with the quillows and snatched them for herself and her sisters.
With the Delightful Floral Quillow, I was so so so excited to find the matching blue fleece in the remnant bin. The yellow floral fleece caught my eye in the clearance section, but other than a solid color fleece panel, how could I match the fabric? Thank goodness this girl decided to rummage through the large remnant bin of fleece. I love the end result of the quillow and am super tempted to keep it for myself.

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  1. I love the hearts quillow too! So cute! I’ll talk to you later and see if you can make a couple of heart quillows. Thanks, sweetie.

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