I love holiday decorations. Ever since moving to Iowa, I’ve tried to keep a seasonal decoration on our outside door. From a simple plastic wreath with cute little ghosts to a sparkly white snowflake to a huge sparkly red heart, I love having a cute decoration on the door and I’m always on the lookout for more weather- or holiday-related items whenever I visit a craft store. I even have a special tote that holds the door decorations.


Anyway, over the holidays I snapped a few pictures of the some of my favorite decorations that made me smile and warmed my heart. Maybe it’s because I can’t hold a tune to save my life or maybe it’s because I love music so much, but I adore Christmas carolers. I especially admire the bell ringers belting a Christmas tune during the cold weather and big shopping crowd.


My mother-in-law adores singing or dancing animals, and I found this cute little teddy bear reciting “The Night Before Christmas” for just pennies a few years ago. When Charlie and I stayed at his parents’ house over the holidays, I made sure the Santa teddy bear recited the story at least once per day (Charlie and his dad despise talking, singing, or dancing animals) for my own amusement and to annoy my husband.


I have no idea where my love for cute snowmen came from because I just love them so much! From ornaments to knick knacks to pictures, I have a tendency to fall in love with the balls of snow and adorable smiley faces. I have the same feelings for beautiful angels — they make me smile and warm my heart. Despite all my love for Christmas knick knacks, ornaments, etc., I really don’t have the space to collect them.


So I love walking around all the holiday decorations at stores and feeling the love and warmth for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The joy of being with family and friends. Being blessed with so many things — even the necessities and little things in life. I thank God for giving me everything I need and want in life. My life isn’t perfect or extravagant or exciting, but it’s mine. My life to live in God’s glory and on His path.

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  1. I love Christmas decorations too. I think I’m one of the few who love seeing Christmas stuff at Hobby Lobby in July. I love that holiday.

  2. I love love Christmas lights! I love looking for more lights at the after Christmas sales. Thanks for telling me about the holiday light fight show. That was so awesome.

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