As much as I would love to wear sweatpants and tees every day, I kind of like looking presentable and cute. However, my jeans/pants stash is no longer an abundance of choices. What’s easier? Fixing a button that popped off a pair of jeans or scoring a cute pair of narrow striped men’s pants to refashion? Because I haven’t done my research on how to fix a jeans button (I think all I need is a hammer), I chose to refashion the new pants. Yes, my thought process isn’t always logical.


I found a beautiful pair of narrow striped pants in the men’s department on clearance (plus a 20% off store coupon) and spent less than $5 on pair of new pants. Yay me! I love being a bargain hunter. The pants were way too big, too baggy, and too long for me. I turned the new pants inside out, laid it on the floor (because I don’t have a work table), and put a pair of amazing fitting jeans (inside out) on top of it. With a pencil, I basically used the jeans to outline slimmer pants legs.


The pants fit me perfectly, and the legs are no longer baggy and long! Yay! Due to my impatience, the bottom hem isn’t perfect and looks a little wonky to the trained eye but the new hem solves a problem and works for now. Now, I face a bigger question: can I pair knee-high boots with a pair of striped pants? Would that look weird? Narrow striped pants already look a little different on me, but will tall boots make me look weird and clunky? Maybe Google will have an answer for me …


While watching the season finale of Survivor, I turned a pair of men’s shorts into a cute little skirt. Before the shorts faced the scissors I needed to answer a tough fashion question: Shorts or skirt? I could always use another pair of cute shorts but then I would have to wait until summer to wear them. I really don’t need another skirt, but I could wear it all year round. Sometime in the new year I will dig through my closet and toss old clothes into my refashion bin, including refashioned skirts that I hardly wear.


With the thought of wearing a cute skirt with my grey or black knee-high boots, I decided to turn the shorts into a skirt. I actually didn’t need all three hours of the Survivor finale to complete the project, plus I got sidetracked with a few games and a chocolate peppermint bark recipe. What I did: cut the legs open, created a new hem, decided I didn’t like the new hem, created a second new hem, and sewed close the gaps. Although the waistband is a little big on me, I’ll leave it as is because it’s a small problem a belt can easily fix.

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  1. I think as long as the boots and the shirt match, you should be able to pull off the knee high boots with the stripey pants. You’re amazing as usual. Miss you.

  2. I’ll email you later about the specifics but is it super hard to taken in pants or jeans? I have a few pants that are a little baggy and I want to slim them down a little.

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