During a recent weekend my amazing husband sorted through his clothes in the closet and the stacks piled around the room. I am so proud of him. I’m more proud when he asked me where he should stack all the clothes he won’t wear anymore for my refashion projects. I love him. Button down shirts. Polo shirts. T-shirts. Cargo pants. Where do I even start? For starters, I dug into my share of the closet, weeded out a few clothes that I haven’t worn in awhile, and reorganized the sweater and skirt sections.


I figured my closet needed more space for all the new refashions that will keep me busy for a few months! I’ve purposefully avoided the shirt section of my closet because it’s the largest section and I still have the mentality, “Oh, that’s a cute shirt. I’ll wear it again when I lose a few pounds,” when it comes to a few shirts that I can’t bring myself to refashion or donate. Thanks to Pinterest (of course, Pinterest!), I’m inspired to replicate a couple of cute shirts with shirts from my refashion bin.


With the quillow season slowing down significantly, I can focus more on my long-neglected refashion bin. The thought of working on refashions makes me happy and excited for several reasons. One, I love adding new cute clothes to my closet. Two, I miss working on refashions and using Delphine (my beautiful dress form). And one of these days, I’ll organize my old tees for my long-awaited T-shirt quilt — or T-shirt quillow? Hmmmmmmmm. A stroke of genius and creativity just hit me!  🙂

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