Have you seen the movie trailers for Captain America and Batman vs. Superman? As much as I love Wonder Woman, I could really care less about the Batman vs. Superman movie, but the third Captain American movie looks really good. However, I hate hate hate hate hate hate the idea of my beloved superheroes fighting each other. Why can’t all the superheroes get along? Why can’t they just stick to fighting bad guys?

First off, why are Batman and Superman beating the crap out of each other? Does Batman really believe he can take the Man of Steel? The guy who can fly and has x-ray vision? I have nothing against Batman. I honestly like the character, but can’t he crack a smile every now and then? I’m not asking the superheroes to break out in song and dance (although that would be hilarious), but why are they so moody and brooding lately?


From what I gathered from the Batman vs. Superman movie, Batman isn’t happy with the destruction Superman created when defeating the villain of the week. Um, Batman, you don’t really leave Gotham all neat and tidy when you’re battling a baddie. So, Batman is upset because innocent lives were lost and a city was destroyed, but why does he need to get into a fistfight with the Man of Steel? When does fighting solve anything?

Unless Batman and Superman are duking it out in a peaceful and quiet countryside where only birds and other woodland creatures would be disturbed, their epic fight will more than likely break a few things (cars, buildings, etc.). Instead of fighting, how about helping the innocent people who have to take cover from falling debris? Pay for a new car (plus insurance). Help build a new store. Pick up a broom and sweep up broken glass. Basically, clean up the mess YOU created.


Sometimes superheroes can be idiots — hey, that should have been the title of this post! I get the plot summary of the new Captain America movie: Iron Man and his team support the government supervising all superheroes, and Captain America and his posse believe the government should not be involved. Again, how will beating the crap out of each other solve the problem? I have no desire to watch my superheroes beat and bruise each other.

As much as I love my Avengers, I’ve also fallen in love with Netflix’s new show, Jessica Jones, a lesser known superhero in the Marvel universe. She doesn’t run around in a costume. She’s dark and grounded in reality. And when ordinary New Yorkers realize her powers, they blame her for the damage created by the Avengers and Team Villains in the first movie. Jessica has her own issues — and bad guy — and has no time to deal with the Avengers aftermath.


So, yes, Jessica Jones probably has some issues with the more well-known superheroes, but do I see her tracking down and beating the crap out of Team Good Guys? Well, not so far, because I’ve only seen six episodes but I highly doubt Iron Man or Black Widow are on Jessica’s radar. Admittedly, I wouldn’t mind watching Jessica and Daredevil tussling before realizing they’re on the same team. And why would that entertain me? Because it would ONE FIGHT. ONE SCENE.

Of course, Hollywood writers could write an entire episode about Jessica Jones and Daredevil sparring about a tiny misunderstanding about the other being the bad guy. But do audiences need to watch an entire episode? No. One epic fight scene should be entertaining enough. I understand the conflict in the new Captain America movie, but I don’t have the patience to watch my beloved superheroes yell and then fight with each other for more than two hours.

P.S. Dear Hollywood executives, for the love of all that’s good and holy, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop making Terminator movies! Did anyone like the most recent Terminator movie? Did anyone like the one with Christian Bale? Or the one with Claire Danes? I didn’t even need to see the most recent installment to know beloved fans absolutely hated it and thought it was terrible and completely illogical. So stop all the time traveling and rehashing plotlines — it doesn’t make sense anymore.

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  1. The movie was dumb. Save yourself the money and wait until a TV channel airs it. 😉 However, Wonder Woman was awesome despite what everyone else says.

  2. As much as I love a good fight scene the Batman and Superman movie looks dumb. The only saving grace is Wonder Woman.

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