Don’t we all keep old T-shirts with sentimental value packed away somewhere with the idea of turning them into a beautiful T-shirt quilt? I tried to create a T-shirt quilt a long, long, long time ago but failed epically because I didn’t have the correct tools. I was young, and I figured creativity and determination outweighed common sense. Yes, I was a complete idiot. * sigh* Sometimes I still am.


I’m not sure exactly how I started piecing together a T-shirt quillow for Charlie and me, but I started cutting up T-shirts and ironing interface to the back side. Which by the way, interface fabric is AMAZING! I’ve never worked with it before, but I heard it worked miracles with uncooperating fabric. How can a thin piece of fabric with some glue make me stop swearing at flimsy knit fabric?


Anyway, I started snipping a few T-shirts and piecing them together with bits and pieces from unused parts of other tees. I found arranging and rearranging T-shirt blocks and pieces is a bit like piecing together a puzzle and oddly relaxing. Because these are my first T-shirt quillows (I like the idea of having a T-shirt quillow), I don’t have a specific design in mind — just different block sizes.


I’ve cut up all of Charlie’s old T-shirts, played around with the pieces, and realized he didn’t have enough shirts to complete a quillow. That’s completely OK with me because I can shelve his quillow project until he accumulates more and I can work on my T-shirt quillow (because of my unconditional love for T-shirts I had no problem collecting more for another potential T-shirt quilt).


I love working on this project because of all the memories attached to the shirts. One of my favorite T-shirts is a simple yellow shirt that reads W V U in big block letters. What does W V U mean? West Virginia University? I have no idea. All I knew was the shirt was super comfortable, made me feel confident for some odd reason, and looked great with a pair of jeans.


So many T-shirts, and so many memories. My Trisha Yearwood T-shirts. A shirt from a friend from Australia. A shirt my parents picked up for me during their trip to Alaska. Shirts that made me laugh (5 out of 4 people have problems with math). Now seems like a good time to take the shirts out of storage, right? I think I have enough shirts to complete one T-shirt quillow, but I need to grab more interfacing first.

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