MY SWEET SWEET KENAI: With my sister, her husband, and one teenager in Puerto Rico and my dad in charge of two kids and two dogs, I was tasked with taking care of Kenai — aka Gigantore.


OK, WHO FARTED? Normally, my dad would take care of Krissy’s dogs — Kenai and Junie — but unfortunately, Kenai blew out both back knees a few months ago and needs special care and lots of one-on-one attention.


THE BIG AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Who can resist this beautiful big dog? I certainly can’t. I love this dog so much! Even when he’s looking for trouble or seeking affection and love, Kenai warms my heart and makes me smile.


BREAK TIME: For about a week, I took him on numerous short walks, helped him with his physical therapy, and kept him company in a big empty house. He even had a few play dates with Sophie and Junie at my dad’s house.


TWO DOGGIES IN A WINDOW: Sophie and Junie peek out the window at my dad’s house, waiting to play with Kenai. According to my dad, Sophie loves laying in front of the window whenever the sun shines bright.


MY LITTLE QUILLOW HELPER: With Junie keeping Sophie company, Kenai received a ton of one-on-one attention, affection, and love. He did so well without distractions — i.e. kids running around and yelling at each other and Junie constantly begging to play with him.


SNUGGLE TIME WITH KENAI: My favorite time of day with this handsome guy was at night when I sat on the couch to watch TV and he snuggled right next to me. He nestled his head into my lap and snored a bit as I pet him. He’s such a sweetie.

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