No more skirts! I need more cute shirts, blouses, tops, etc. After a few refashion fails with a couple of my husband’s old T-shirts, I finally secured a win with a cute lace shirt! Yay me! My hub’s old grey T-shirt was too long and the sleeves too big for me. No big surprise that I found inspiration on Pinterest — a long sleeve shirt with an asymmetrical and different colored hem. When I looked at the picture, I thought, “Hey, I think I can do that.”


I dug through my stash of bias tape and lace, and I found 2-inch lace bias tape. Score! While wearing the shirt, I marked where I would make my first cut — basically, the highest point of the asymmetrical hem. I made a diagonal cut and rounded the bottom edge of the hem. I tried on the shirt to make sure I liked the cut and the new length, and then I pinned the lace bias tape to the hem of the shirt and sewed it all together.


Because the T-shirt fabric is knit and won’t fray, I didn’t create a new rolled hem. I just sewed the lace on top of the shirt because the lace hid the raw edges. Once the new length and hem was completed, I worked on shortening and slimming down the sleeves. However, a few mistakes were made and I couldn’t save the sleeves. I searched high and low for new inspiration to save the shirt because I absolutely love love love the new hem.

I took a dark grey Henley shirt and decided to add the lace hem to it. I simply cut off about two inches from the bottom of the shirt and added the new lace hem. I love the new length and look of the Henley shirt, but I’m not too crazy about the visible seam. Until I can think of a solution, I can live with the seam for now. With just a little bit of lace left, I shortened the sleeves a few inches (too long to begin with) and added lace on the outside sleeve.

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