I don’t know if Charlie realizes that his sister, Amanda, is pretty awesome. Over the holidays, she gave their mom — a huge Detroit Tigers fan — two decorative pillows made from T-shirts her two sons had outgrown. How cool was that? Even cooler, the refashioned pillowcases slip off for cleaning or washing. By the way, Charlie’s mom absolutely loved the gift, and I loved Amanda’s brilliant refashion idea.


I don’t know how much Charlie spent on my Jason Mott (formerly of the St. Louis Cardinals) jersey, but I’m certain he paid a pretty penny or two (possibly three) for it. My point: authentic MLB apparel is not cheap, and even though her boys outgrew the T-shirts her mom will always love the Tigers and probably could not have too many memorabilia. I could always use more Cardinals or Vikings apparel.


I guess brilliance runs all around in my husband’s family. Speaking of brilliance, I eyed Amanda’s super pretty socks and she mentioned a family member on her husband’s side made them for her. I can’t remember if the member was an expert knitter, but she used a vintage knitting machine, which I never knew existed. After a quick Google search, I now know what a knitting machine looks like and I want one.


Wait, I have too many hobbies already unless I learn how to crochet socks. I’ve always had a slight obsession with pretty multi-color socks, and I’ve always wanted to learn how to knit a pair but crocheting came so much easier to me than knitting. But I could learn to operate a knitting machine and make my own pretty pretty socks! I think I need a knitting machine. Or do I? Yes, I need one. Do I really need one? Hmmmmmm.

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  1. Awww, thank you! I’m really pleased with how the pillows turned out. But I’m fairly certain you don’t need *any* Viking paraphernalia.
    And yes, my step-mother-in-law is an excellent knitter as well as having the knitting machine. I think there are some tricks to finishing and turning the heel that require actual knitting skills. Still, the machine is awesome.

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