I don’t have the confidence to mix prints with my outfits, i.e. stripes and florals. So, I’m taking a few small steps to gain that confidence, but by the time I possess it, the fashion will no longer be trendy. With a T-shirt that’s a little too small and one my husband’s old button work shirts (started to refashion into a skirt), I refashioned a new cute shirt.


With the super dark blue (probably could be mistaken for black) T-shirt, I cut open the side seams up to the armpit area and snipped a straight line across the back panel. With my husband’s old shirt, I cut a big square or rectangle piece from the back, snipping along the side seams and about an inch above the high back seam to save the pleat (how smart am I?).


I widened the checkered (plaid?) insert with a few strips from the front of the shirt because I needed to make the shirt roomier. After sewing the top of the insert to the T-shirt, I worked on the side seams to make sure the shirt was roomy and flowy. I tried the shirt on after the side seams were completed, and I am completely in love with the refashioned shirt!

So pretty! The only issue (and it’s minor) is the bothersome back seam. I think I can live with the minor irritation until I can think of a solution. The last step was rounding and hemming the new back panel. The process wasn’t too hard, and I certainly love the result. I’m pretty darn proud of myself for trying something new.

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