During Hurricane Quillow, I decided to experiment with some other quilty patterns — nothing too complicated or complex. The two patterns I have used the most are the strip method (sewing a bunch of strips together) and the square method (sewing a bunch of squares together). However, my squares aren’t perfectly sized no matter how hard I try (OK, I don’t try painstakingly or perfectionism hard), which means some corners don’t align perfectly when sewn together. For the most part, I do a pretty average job matching the squares (corners might be off by a centimeter or two).

With some remnants in my stash, I played around with a few different designs to keep my stash at a minimum and to mix things up a bit. With the Here Kitty Kitty quillow, I had two kitty printed squares — certainly not enough for a full quillow. Instead of cutting the squares into smaller squares or short strips, I kept the size and bought three different kitty printed flannel fabric. To break up the patches a bit, I added orange flannel strips, but in hindsight, I probably should have used dark pink. While I worked on the quillow, small ideas popped into my mind, such as making the orange strips wider.


So, I incorporated the small ideas into the Great Outdoors quillow, where I faced similar issues (one or two lone patches that didn’t match anything else). After finding a few more outdoor theme flannel, I made the patches smaller and the brown strips wider, and I staggered the patches. The quilty part was easy to assemble, and I like the simplicity of the look. But are the brown strips too wide? Nah, it’s fine. Maybe a little too wide … move on, Jennifer, move one!

I was in the process of creating a few quillows for boys, and the For The Boys quillow were made from the leftover fabric. Staggering the strips meant more guesswork and probably a little more fabric. The width of the strips was the same width of a normal quillow, and so I simply stacked 6-inch strips. Piecing the quilty part was definitely simple and the look is cute and simple, but it’s not one of my favorite designs. I use the design when I’m either in a hurry to complete a quillow or have limited amount of fabric.


While scavenging through my fabric boxes, I found an incomplete quilty piece using 6×6 patches. After sewing the rest of the patches together, I created four full columns but it wasn’t wide enough for a quillow. So, I sewed long strips between the columns, widening the quillow to the correct size. I like using this design because I can create smaller patches and use long strips to fill in the width. More importantly, I like the final look of the quilty piece. Even after making a ton of quillows this season, I found myself learning more and more about the process and that makes me happy.

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