Am I too late to start a 2016 New Year’s resolution? February is almost over, which means I had about two months to be lazy. Maybe I should set short-term goals, such as 7-Day Refashion Challenge or Finally Fix the Imperfect Quillows Just Lying Around the House Challenge. I could always look for more ideas on Pinterest.  😉  But are all these challenges worthy of being a new year’s resolution? Does it even matter? I first started posting my resolutions in 2008 — 25 Scarves Project; 25 Books to Read; 12 Projects; etc. Do you know how many of the eight resolutions I actually completed? Just one. The 2008 New Year’s Resolution: crochet 25 scarves and donate them to charity.

With that in mind, I’m tempted to skip my 2016 New Year’s resolution and not worry about achieving goals. Sounds a little lazy and gives me an out to not accomplish anything this year. Hmmmmmm. Maybe I should start a resolution. I like challenges. OK, I’ll try to create monthly challenges for myself. For February: the 7-Day Refashion Challenge — refashion seven items in seven days. I could probably complete the challenge sometime before the month ends.


Thanks to Amazon Prime, I have binge watching X-Files and Arrested Development over the past month. I’ve always loved Arrested Development, and I didn’t realize how much I missed the show. Gob. Buster. Lucille Two. The chicken impressions. Steve Holt!


I’m sure I harbored a crush on David Duchovny at one point in my life, but I didn’t realize exactly how beautiful this man is until I started watching the X-Files from the very beginning. When the show first aired, I was too much of a wuss to watch and had very little interest in aliens and government conspiracies. As time marched on, I caught a few episodes here and there and fell in love with the first movie (although Charlie thought it was terrible).

Anyway, thanks to Amazon Prime, I’m following Mulder and Scully’s adventures from the beginning. Holy cow, David Duchovny is beautiful! My husband is completely OK with my infatuation since he has a huge crush on Gillian Anderson. I’m not a huge fan of the alien conspiracy arc, but I love the monster of the week storylines. With David Duchovny back in my life, I remember a fantastic song written by Bree Sharp aptly called David Duchovny.

When I first heard the song, I was impressed Bree found words to rhyme with Duchovny. I googled the song, wondering whether it’s still great as I remember it, and discovered an unofficial video! And, yes, the song still remains AWESOME! But the unofficial video is pretty cool too with a ton celebrity cameos lip synching, “David Duchovny, why don’t you love me?” I pasted the YouTube link below, and I think the video should appear (it appeared in the preview post). Just press play!

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