Today starts the 7-Day Challenge: Refashion 7 Items in 7 Days.

Turning one of Charlie’s old green polo shirts was simple but time consuming. In the end, I love the new look except for the dumb pocket. I may try to pick it off again sometime in the future once I figure out how to fix the hole and other potential gaps. If I had more lace, I would have added it to the hem. Other than the pocket issue, the shirt looks great and fits perfectly (the picture makes the shirt look shapeless but it’s not).


What I did:

  • removed the collar and placket
  • slimmed the sleeves
  • created lace bias tape
  • used the lace to outline the V-neck
  • epically failed to pick off the pocket with a seam ripper and accidentally made a tiny hole
  • resewed part of pocket to cover hole

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  1. I hate it when I accidentally poke a hole in a garment too. So frustrating. I think the pocket looks just fine because the lace v-neck is beautiful and is eye catching.

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