Yay! My confidence level just took a step up with my latest refashion! I recently bought this normal black-and-white striped shirt on clearance. The shirt fits fine and looks nice. However, during a recent shopping trip with my sisters, I leisurely combed through the clearance racks and found a lovely pair of floral leggings. I know leggings are back in style, but for some unknown reason, I refuse jump into the trend again. Not to mention, I strongly agree leggings ARE NOT pants and a tunic, a sweater, or a simple shirt should be long enough to cover the tush.


Anyway, I bought the cute floral leggings with absolutely no intention of wearing them. I immediately knew it would make my new striped shirt even better — turning the original 3/4 sleeves into full length sleeves and lengthening the shirt hem with the floral fabric. Plus, I’m starting small with the floral-stripe combination. If I can handle a striped shirt with contrasting floral additions, eventually I’ll feel confident to pull a floral skirt with a striped shirt (well maybe). I probably shouldn’t get too ahead of myself … let’s just stick  to the shirt first.

What I did:

  • Snipped off about 7 inches of the legs
  • Added the floral tube to the sleeves of the shirt
  • Cut the remaining leggings into four long strips
  • Sewed strips together to create two separate longer strips
  • Added one strip to the front hem of the shirt
  • Added second strip to the back hem

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  1. I am also shy about mixing patterns together but I see so many other people mixing and it looks great! i really like the mix here with the shirt. Not overwhelming.

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