For all the refashioned shirts I have been hanging in my closet, I have also been taking an old shirt out and tossing it in my refashion bin. I love having a great selection of cool shirts to choose from.

For my latest refashion, I took an old brown polo shirt from Charlie and an old wispy blouse of mine. The process was simple but took a little bit of time (a few hours).

What I did:

  • snipped off about five inches from the bottom of the brown polo
  • snipped off the bottom portion of a light brown blouse
  • sewed new bottom hem to the polo
  • cut off collar from the polo
  • created a bias tape from fabric from the blouse
  • created a V-neckline with the new bias tape

The refashion for the black T-shirt was relatively simple because I just needed to rework the dumb neckline. I’m not a big fan of the bunchy round neckline and made a premature cut. Oops. Oh well. With fabric left over from the black-and-white dress refashion, I created a bias tape to wrap around the neckline. Easy peasy. And I love the shirt even more!

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