Parenting is easy! The hardest part of making sure my nephews, Tate and Cole, were ready for the school bus was hauling my tushy out of bed at 6:30 a.m. Ugh. The boys were fabulously organized getting dressed, completing their morning chores, eating breakfast, and collecting all their school stuff.


Becky needed some help with the kids in the morning for a few days, and Dad happily offered his time, completely forgetting some prior plans. So, he volunteered my time for the days he couldn’t be at the farm. Other than getting up super early, I was thrilled to spend some time with the boys — and Shelby.


In the picture above is Cingrilla, Shelby’s favorite cat, who is beautifully sweet and pregnant. I have no idea when she is due, but I predict her kittens will so colorfully cute! Per the kids, Cingrilla usually sleeps with Shelby, Camo spends the night with Cole, and Roy (the first house cat) stays with Tate.


Have I shown pictures of Camo? How adorable is this fluffy little dog? So adorable. All he wants is love and affection. Unfortunately, Becky banned him from curling up on the couch because he’s full of dirt and old snow from running around outside. Don’t tell Becky, but I didn’t have the heart to kick him off when he cuddled with me on the couch.


And this pretty little girl, Juno, absolutely loved cuddling with me whenever she was in the house. When I sat on the floor, she snuggled her head in my lap with her bony butt high in the air (weird, right?). She’s such a sweet and protective girl — love her so much.


Angus is such a beautiful fluffy dog who loves bouncing and running around. Whenever I visit the farm, I have a tendency to take more pictures of the farm and the animals instead of Becky’s cute little kids. Thanks to the snow, I didn’t spy too many farm cats milling around.


My little darling Clementine is a little cutie patootie who lets me pet her! Yay! Clyde, the previous goat, skittered away from me whenever I approached him. Clementine is the opposite — she saunters my way!


I quickly snapped this beautiful view after Becky and I stopped for bread and doughnuts at a local bakery. The new layer of snow was an unexpected surprise, but it made for a gorgeous scenic view.

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  1. If I didn’t travel so much I would love to have a little hobby farm with a ton of animals running around. Dogs. Goats. Chickens. I can see that …

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