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I have a pretty great sister. During a recent trip to my sister’s dairy farm, she and I worked on various sewing projects. She completed the top part of a quilt for one of her kids, and I sewed matching infinity scarves for her and daughter.


Anyway, Becky had a tote full of leftover fabric from various projects and offered them to me. She’s pretty great, isn’t she? I spent an afternoon digging through the tote, pulling out pretty fabric, and thinking the new stash of scraps would be perfect for a quillow or two.


Upon my return home, I eagerly completed two quillows. Although I had a few minor issues, the quillows turned out nicely and I still have a healthy stash of leftover fabrics for two or three more quillows. Thanks so much, Becky! And thanks for all the kitten photos.


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  1. You have a cool sister if she gave you all the scraps. So cool that you’re using them for quillows. 🙂

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