Upcoming travel plans reminded me to glance at the traveling map project I started years ago. Basically, I wanted to mark the states Charlie and I have visited together and I started with a small map of the United States and stuck cute interstate signs on the states. As much as I liked the idea, the project had some minor issues. One, I thought the map was a little too small. No big deal. Order a bigger map. Two, I couldn’t find the template for the interstate signs and needed to create new ones to match. Three, I decided I didn’t like the interstate icons that much.


So, I ordered a bigger map and found an inexpensive frame (the craft store offered a huge discount on frames the day I visited — such a lucky girl). I rummaged through my stash of foam stickers and found really cute transportation stickers, i.e. cars, trains, and planes! With an ultra fine permanent marker, I neatly and carefully wrote the year Charlie and I visited certain states. Because my sister, Becky, lives on a dairy farm in Minnesota, I found a cute tractor sticker and dated it 2009. A train sticker indicates our first trip to Illinois was by Amtrak.


I really love adding foam stickers to the map because they add a little more color and memories. However, I found one minor issue with the stickers — my stash was a little low. For a few days, I searched high and low at several craft stores to find more transportation stickers. The new stickers didn’t have to match the old ones, but they still needed to be cute, colorful, and have a decent amount of blank space to write a year number. One of the craft stores sold some really nice foam stickers, but the price was a little expensive even with a coupon. I just bought two bags to strengthen my stash.


Luckily, the local dollar store carried cute foam stickers! Although the stickers are a little small, they will work just fine, especially for the smaller states. I like the idea the stickers aren’t exactly alike and I can use whatever transportation — or non-transportation — icon I want. A pink heart was placed on Wisconsin, the state Charlie and I met and married, and another heart was stuck in Nevada, the state we celebrated our fifth anniversary.


I really adore the new traveling map project for several reasons. One, I can easily add stickers to new states because I removed the plastic pane from the frame. The map sits beautifully in the frame, giving me quick and easy access. Two, the bigger map has plenty of white space so I add pictures near the border. Three, the traveling map just looks really nice and I am so proud of it. Now, Charlie and I just need to travel more so I can add more stickers!

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  1. Hello fellow crafter! I absolutely love this idea to mark where you’ve been in the United States. What a great idea.

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