THE FAKE FAMILY AWKWARD PHOTO: Becky pretends to pout about being left out a cute photo with Tova. Funny enough, Becky had a difficult time looking upset because she cracked up every time Jason snapped a shot.


TO BECKY: I am eternally grateful my sister understands that I probably won’t buy anything from her online clothing boutique because she knows I can sew them instead.  🙂


My sisters know me so well. How cute is this vintage Holly Hobbie game that I didn’t know existed? Becky spotted the game at a consignment store and thought I would love it (which I do).


TO KRISSY: My sister who is never too old to have fun at a children’s playground and can induce hearty belly laughs during game nights. Two words: dove and igloo.


Krissy gave me the perfect thank you gift for watching her beautiful and happy dogs — Scrabble magnets! She knows all about my love for the game.  🙂

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