Last week Charlie and I took a road trip to Ohio to visit some good friends, and one of the places I NEEDED to visit was the Columbus Zoo. We walked around the beautiful zoo during a gorgeous sunny day and looked at the many, many animals. I know I edited a photo of this gorilla with his mouth closed, but I must have accidentally deleted it. Oh well, I think the photo is sort of comical.


The Africa section was my second favorite part of the zoo (the Congo section being my favorite). Of course, my picture doesn’t do the beautiful expanse justice, but the wide open enclosure was breathtaking with giraffes, zebras, and lions. The land was divided into three separate areas for each group of animals.


The mama lion walked away from the group while I snapped several photos. I just want to pick up one of the cubs and just shower it with love and cuddles. Anyway, the cub to the far left kept a stalking eye on the group of zebras walking about in the next divide. If the deep divide wasn’t there, the serene landscape would probably be a bloody violent mess.


How cute is this guy? As I snapped pictures of the animals, this cute guy ambled over for a few moments. With all my cute waves and “hellos,” I’ve never been able to catch any zoo animal’s attention so I was incredibly fascinated and happy to hang out before he lost interest in me.


How awesome is this guy? After I spotted this guy through the glass from the right side, he seemed content to sit there and reach through the enclosure, entertaining the visitors who walked by. I had a fabulous time walking around the zoo with friends despite the billion and one kids running around.


At first, the mama monkey had her back turned, hiding the little one from sight, but by the time I stood in front of her, she turned around, revealing a super cute and calm little monkey. I probably watched them for a good 10 to 15 minutes as the mama monkey cleaned and cuddled with the little one. Such a sweet moment.


The entire petting section wasn’t ready for the public (booooooo!), but the big barn that held farm animals was open (yay!) and people could pet them through the wide wooden fence. As much as I loved petting the barn animals (goats, pigs, rabbits, miniature horse, etc.), I can pet farm animals anytime I visit Becky’s farm.

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