For a good laugh just play Telestrations with friends and family. The last time I played the game with my family, we shared some really good laughs and I snapped a few photos of the great pictures to capture the hilarious moments. I’m always looking for new methods (read: easier) to screen print personalize images and words onto T-shirts. The parchment paper method is still my favorite but is difficult when a ton of small letters are involved.


The “Shifty Ghost” or the “Shifty Moose” (my sisters and I can’t remember the sketch guess) was drawn by Becky and guessed by Kristen. During the big reveal, we all had a good laugh at the artwork and guess, and I thought I could easily transfer the drawing to a T-shirt or a quilt patch. In hindsight, I probably could’ve replicated Becky’s drawing by hand instead of tracing it onto a sandpaper — oh well. Once the ghost was on the sandpaper, I simply ironed the image onto the T-shirt.


With the outline of the image on the T-shirt, I used the crayon border as a guide to paint a black border around the ghost and the shifty ghost. From there, I simply filled in the images with white fabric paint. Easy peasy. I’ll probably be working on screen print T-shirts for a few months since I have a very healthy supply of fabric paint and iron-on letters. I visited my local Hancock Fabrics days before its final closing (I am so bummed!) and took advantage of the deep discounts.


During my last trip, I found one bolt of flannel fabric, a ton of fabric paint and markers, and iron-on letters. I initially picked up a few bottles of paint and a few packages of markers and then realized I was a complete idiot for not taking advantage of the deep discounts. I would rather pay 50 to 70 cents per bottle than $3, and what is the likelihood I’ll find a deal as good or better? So, I pretty much wiped out the fabric paint section. Yay me!


OK, back to the second shirt — the book snake. Becky drew the awesome sketch, and our dad incorrectly guessed book snake. During the game, Becky saw Dad’s guess and berated him for writing the incorrect answer on purpose (I was kind of the instructor-referee). I thought the whole exchange was funny. Anyway, I used the same method — traced the image onto sandpaper, ironed it onto the shirt, and painted it — except a cat interrupted my work for a bit.


Once the painted image was dry, I dug into the iron-on letter stash to spell out BOOK SNAKE on the back of the shirt. I would have preferred to have the words on one line, but my eyeballing the space was completely off. Meh. The two-line words look OK — not perfect. I guess this teaches me to be more careful when mapping out letters. I’m happy with the end result of the test T-shirts, and I think my nieces and nephews should get good wear out of them.

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  1. I love Telestrations! Such a fun game. Never thought about taking some of the best and hilarious images and putting them on a shirt or tote! Great idea!

  2. Telestrations is an awesome game! I love it so much. Never thought about making the funny designs into a tshirt. genius idea.

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