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I pulled out a red long-sleeve shirt from my refashion bin. The shirt was boring and too form fitting for me. What my closet needs is more cute and casual tops for the spring and summer. During a recent trip to my favorite consignment store, I found the perfect companion item for the red shirt! For less than $1 I scored this beautiful men’s button down shirt.

What I did:

  • removed a portion of the back shirt
  • cut out a large rectangle portion of the men’s plaid shirt
  • created a center pleat in the plaid shirt
  • centered the pleat to the raw edge on the red shirt


  • pinned and sewed the plaid fabric to the red shirt
  • cut the plaid fabric at an angle to give the shirt a little breathing room
  • pinned and sewed the sides to the red shirt
  • created  and sewed plaid cuffs to the sleeves
  • slimmed down the sleeves


The process was simple and took a few hours (NCIS distracted me). I love love love the new shirt but I think I made it a little too big. I’ll probably fix the very minor issue later down the road. My closet is ready for another cute and casual shirt. Yay!

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  1. I’m with Piper … I have a hard time spending $30 on a plain white casual shirt. I can’t remember the last thing I bought for full price. Always looking at the sales and clearance stuff. No shame in that!

  2. Absolutely nothing wrong with being a bargain shopper! How many hours have we spent together analyzing the clearance racks? Too many hours to count, but we found some great stuff for even better prices! I still have the grey cardigan I found for $3. Still one of my favorites.

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