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I apologize for posting so many refashions during the past few days, but the month of May is ending way too quickly for me. And I am determined to complete my Me-May-Made 2016 goal — finish five refashions. Unfortunately, procrastination and my upcoming schedule has forced me to work on the refashions as quickly as possible before June rolls around.


A failed refashion with a casual shirt and complementing paisley tie led to a simple and wonderful refashion. On a lucky day at my favorite consignment store, I scoured the clearance racks (like normal), looking for the 80% off tags, and found some amazing stuff! When I walked toward the registers, I noticed a sign that read “extra 10% off clearance items.” Hello, savings! Instead of saving 80% off the original price tag, this girl scored 90% off! Woot woot!


Two of the items in my haul included an oversized men’s T-shirt and blue dotted men’s tie. During my failed refashion, I had a brilliant idea to create a new neckline with a men’s tie. Previous refashions had me using bias tape, lace or the original neckline to create a v-neck. Why couldn’t I use a men’s tie?


What I did:

  • created a v-neckline with the tie
  • pinned the tie to the shirt
  • carefully sewed the tie around the shirt
  • cut the fabric inside the tie v-neck
  • slimmed down the sleeves
  • shortened the shirt length a few inches
  • fiddled with the hem for hours (see explanation below photo)


I shortened the shirt’s length by cutting a rounded edge, taking off a few inches. I used the remaining bit of the tie to the front edge but the dumb tie wasn’t long enough and it just looked weird. After picking off the tie, I looked at the shirt’s original hem that was cast off from the cut. Unfortunately, bits and pieces of the original hem couldn’t be reused, making the original hem about six inches shorter. Sad face. So, I turned to my favorite solution — bias tape. I ran black bias tape around the bottom edge and added a white button to the neckline and one side.

I wanted to add a white button to the other side of the shirt, but I created a hole when I picked out the dumb tie binding. With the leftover black bias tape (the color looked much better than the dark blue bias tape), I made a cute little bow and sewed it over the hole. A white button in the middle of the bow would have added more cuteness but the black bow middle contained too many layers. Oops. By the way in the picture, the new hemline looks crooked but it’s not. The bias tape made the hem billowy not crooked. Honestly! Four down one to go!

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  1. Don’t ever apologize for posting too much. You can inspire us to get creative and have unique clothes that are one-of-a-kind.

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