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My lack of drawing and painting skills held me back from trying one of those “drink and paint” classes. Even though the classes are especially designed for people like me, I didn’t want to be “that person” who managed to ruin the most basic paint by number drawing. Finally, after having other friends and my sister, Becky, rave about the popular social event, I pushed my fear aside and picked out a class — the popular corner flower.


The Cork N Canvas instructor was really friendly and encouraging, and I had a great time. From the moment I sketched my petals — even with a template! — I thought my painting was in real trouble. My fear grew a little worse once I started painting the background petals because the petals weren’t perfectly pointed — even my newfound friends on my left and right painted perfectly pointed petals. *sigh* The instructor recommended using big long strokes and not overbrushing the paint.


The instructor also mentioned to not overthink the process. Easier said than done. My fears started to disappear a bit once the background petals started to take shape and the colors began to shine. Unfortunately, the perfectionist in me started to nitpick the little things and I started overbrushing my petals. At least I wasn’t alone because my neighbors were second guessing their handiwork and wondering whether their petals looked pretty.


Once the background petals were completed, time to focus on the front petals! With long brush strokes here and there and with different paint colors (red, maroon, white, black, grey), my flower started to look so pretty! If I had my way, I would have painted the background first, using long steady brush strokes in one direction, and then painted the petals. Then again, I’m the mere beginner student full of fear and self doubt and not the expert teacher.


Once I was satisfied with my beautiful petals, I chose a dark grey for the background. Filling in the wide open space was easy. Painting between the petals was not, but it gave me a chance to touch up and fix some of the petals. Finally, coloring the partial center of the flower was the last step. I mixed the last bits of paint on my palette and filled in the center. The instructor’s flower example showed beautiful dots covering the center, and I aimed to for the same beauty with my flower.


The thumbprint dots did not meet my high expectations despite what the instructor and other students said. Once the dots were dry, I simply painted over them. If I had more time (and patience), I probably would have tried the thumbprint dots again, but after a little more than two hours, I just wanted to go home. Anyway, I am super happy and incredibly proud of my first painting! I would recommend pushing fear aside and trying out a class. I’m glad I did.

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