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Painting Supplies

Ever since I enrolled in my first paint class, I have sort of been obsessed with the DIY painting canvas. When I glanced at the instructor’s upcoming schedule, I immediately zoned in on two or three classes I wanted to take. I love the idea of taking a painting class with friends — talking, laughing, drinking, painting — every now and then because I don’t mind dropping $30 for the class and another $20 on drinks and food. But should I spend $100 (excluding drinks and food) for three more paintings?


With a ton of research on Pinterest, I figured I could teach myself some of the easier paintings. First, I need to buy the supplies. Surprisingly, I spent less than $20 for 20 small bottles of paint, a package of paint brushes, and 10-pack of 8×10 stretched canvas. Hint: use coupons and look for sales. Once I had all my supplies, I was ready to paint! Thanks to Pinterest, a ton of simple and colorful paintings caught my eye and made me think, “I can paint that.”


One of the first paintings I tried on my own was the pretty red daisy I learned in class. For some reason, I’m unable to replicate the pretty red daisy after several frustrating attempts. After trying different methods and paint mixtures, I was not satisfied with any of the replications — I just didn’t like the look. So, I decided to try different colors — the blue, green, and white combination. Using leftover colors on my palette, I created a multi-colored daisy, which I absolutely love!


In an upcoming post, I’ll go through the step by step process of painting a pretty daisy at home. After replicating the daisy painting a few times, I tried painting a few different flowers — hydrangeas and dandelions. I thought dandelions would be super easy because I can paint lines and dots. No problem. Maybe my standards are set too high, but I really hated how most of my dandelions turned out (which led me to repainting the canvas several times).


My hydrangeas were easier to paint — although my sister, Becky, pointed out hydrangeas aren’t orange or dark peach-ish and my leaves should be much bigger. Back to the dumb dandelion, I finally successfully painted one that met my approval (see picture). Thin short lines and small dots were all I needed for the flower part, and I kept the simple stem curved and thin. For the almost perfect dots, I dipped an unsharpened pencil into the paint and carefully pressed the end onto the canvas.


Because I pinned a ton of paintings on my Pinterest board, I wanted to test my newfound painting skills on smaller canvases instead of the huge 16×20 canvases normally used at “drink and paint” events. Side note: I scored a 5-pack of 16×20 canvas for $9! How cool am I? Super cool. I plan to use the bigger canvases on a painting I love and adore. I still plan to enroll in painting classes with friends, but I’m also happy to paint by myself in the comfort of my own home — and drinks.  😉

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  1. I’ve always read about the classes and wanted to try one, but I am honestly terrible at drawing. I can barely draw stick figures. Lovely job.

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