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Painting Supplies

During a recent trip to a craft store, a small section of plain alphabet door hangers caught my eye. For $4, I bought the letter G (for my real last name), thinking I could quickly paint it between all the other paintings I’ve been obsessed with. I have a small collection of seasonal door hangers in a bin, but sometimes my laziness gets the better of me. Old, dirty, and damaged door hangers are tossed in the trash and either I’m too lazy to sift through my bin for another hanger or I become easily distracted by something shiny.


Anyway, I thought an all-purpose non-seasonal door hanger should keep me lazy a little bit longer. With the paint I’ve been using on my canvas projects, I simply painted the G white a few times. If my front door wasn’t blue, I would have painted the letter blue with white dots. Simple but pretty. However, my door is painted blue, so I turned to Plan B — white background with multi-colored dots. Once the white paint was dry, I used the basic bright colors — red, blue, orange, yellow, purple, and green — for small dots.


I honestly didn’t want to spend too much time and thought on the door hanger, but I still wanted something cute and fun. A white background and multi-colored dots definitely transformed the plain G into something cute and fun. Using an unsharpened pencil, I dipped the end (the non-eraser tip) into the paint and carefully dabbed it onto the letter, creating a very pretty and fun dot! If the pencil tip didn’t transfer enough paint to the surface, I simply filled in the half painted dot with a paint brush.


The method was super easy. No rhyme or reason — I just covered the surface with dots. The beauty of this method is the dots don’t need to perfect because the bright colors make the door hanger just pop. I highly doubt passersby will closely inspect my handiwork and say, “Hey, those dots are irregular!” or “I see some mistakes.” As a whole and at a distance, the door hanger looks perfect to me and I absolutely love it! Plus, I don’t need to take it down until I feel motivated to hang up something more seasonal.

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