ORIGINALLY POSTED JULY4, 2010: When it came to the Fourth of July and fireworks, my parents played it safe. I have very fond memories of my father lighting sparklers in the backyard in Missouri when Krissy and I were younger, and then Krissy and I would run around the yard, carefully waving the sparklers so that we didn’t burn ourselves. Then on the day of the holiday, our parents would take us to the nearest park with a blanket so we could watch the community’s firework display. I’ve always loved watching fireworks — it’s the pyromaniac in me.

To be honest, I don’t think I was ever interested in big fat fireworks that people can shoot off in the backyard. I think that’s one of the things I don’t like about the holiday is people shooting fireworks late at night. Hello, people, I’m trying to sleep and you’re scaring my cats (probably not but I thought I’d throw it in there anyway). I’m all for people having a good time with fireworks, but do it safely please. So many people become careless and accidents happen.

Wait a second, this isn’t a public service announcement — I’m remembering my childhood and sparklers. Ooooh, I love sparklers. I don’t care if people think sparklers are lame and safe — I love them. I vaguely remember lighting sparklers with my nephew, EJ, when he was younger, and I loved watching his face light up whenever Jason (his dad) lit a sparkler. Anyway, I have fond memories of my dad lighting sparklers for me and Krissy when we were younger, and I hope Krissy and Jason and Becky and Pat pass that tradition to their children.  🙂

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