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Painting Supplies

When I visited Minnesota about a month ago, I had the chance to catch up with a friend at paint and drink class at Canvas and Chardonnay. Pretty dandelion or multi-colored elephant profile were my two choices, and I picked the easier design — the dandelion. I spent $40 — $35 for the class and $5 for a glass of wine.


I had so much fun that night! I caught up with my friend and met new creative artists. Although the design was simple, I still made plenty of mistakes (which I expertly covered or fixed). Painting the entire canvas with sparkly brown was the first step — a step even I can’t mess up. When the paint dried, I swept teal paint over half the canvas.


The edges near the center of the canvas were designed to be ragged, and for extra dimension, I streaked the area with a little bit of white. Side note: how awesome is the Harry Potter painting in the background? If I was a huge Harry Potter fan I would try to replicate it on my own. As much as I like the cherry blossom tree painting next to the Harry Potter canvas, I don’t think I could successfully paint that on my own.


Once teal paint was dry, I swept a sparkly bronze color over the half of the canvas and created similar jagged edges near the center. Because I’m a perfectionist, I touched up the jagged edges once or twice. The head of the dandelions were created using the non-pointed end of a pen (I should have used a pencil because it’s more flat).


If I’m honest, I’m not super crazy about the dandelion heads — they look sloppy and weird. Once I have the courage, I will probably retouch them with a pencil at home. I was probably the only student who didn’t drag the stems all the way to the bottom because my stem-painting skills aren’t the greatest. I might retouch the stems too — maybe. I like the painting — just not in love with it.

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  1. I love drink and paint events too! Next time I’m in Rochester, I’ll have to remember this place because it looks awesome! And I love the Harry Potter painting. So cool.

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