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So, my 2016 resolution is to complete 12 challenges during the year. I am still struggling to complete Challenge 2, but I added two more good challenges to my list. Wish me luck!

CHALLENGE 1: 7 refashions 7 days.

CHALLENGE 2: Achieve 15,000 steps per day in one week.

*sigh* Challenge not yet achieved. However, Charlie agreed if I can run five miles he will attend a painting class with me. Yay!


CHALLENGE 3: Read 50 books between now and the end of the year.

I was on a huge reading kick in May but sort of stopped reading in June. If I want to complete this goal before the end of the year I need start reading again. I have a few books lying around the house — just need to crack them open.

CHALLENGE 4: Participate and challenge myself in Me Made May 2016.

Complete! Technically, I finished four refashions involving a sewing machine, but a busy schedule at the end of the month and my amazing ability to procrastinate sort of forced me to include my T-shirt screening projects.

CHALLENGE 5: Complete three long unfinished quillow projects before the end of the year .

I want to complete my T-shirt quillow; Charlie’s T-shirt quillow; and my first patchwork quilt (fix and turn into a quillow) before the year ends.

CHALLENGE 6: Become a Current Executive Contributor at Refashion Co-op by the end of the year.

To be a Current Executive Contributor, I just need to post 100 refashions and my current total number is 80-something. Contributors are required to post one refashion per month, but many contributors are overachievers and post two to three or more refashions in a month. I’m confident I could post 20 more refashions by the end of the year.

CHALLENGE 7: Teach myself to paint three “complicated” 16×20 canvases.

I’m pretty proud of myself for figuring out how to paint 8×10 canvases, and I feel ready to try more “complicated” paintings on 16×20 canvases.

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