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I don’t visit flea markets or antique shows very often — not for lack of interest. Just conflict of time and schedule, I guess. However, I had a few hours to spend with my dad at an annual flea market in the Amana Colonies in the beginning of the month. Any vendor who spells “cats rock” are pretty cool in my book.


I have way too many hobbies as it, and I really shouldn’t add refurbishing furniture and fixtures to the list. But how cool is this beautiful traffic light? So beautiful. I have no idea why the traffic light caught my attention and why I’m in love with it, but I just find the thing fascinating.


Vintage fabric and doilies are main interests when wandering through a flea market. Many of my refashion friends find darling doilies for pennies, and I have yet to locate awesome doilies for pennies or a few dollars. Anytime I find a doily or two, the price is usually $5 or more! What?!? Where are people finding these elusive doilies?


Speaking of vintage fabrics, I just love most of the quilts found in flea markets. So amazing and beautiful. I love studying the pattern and taking a super close look at the hand stitches. I have so much respect and admiration for anyone who creates quilts by hand. BY HAND! My patience and focus would be completely lost after 5 minutes.


HAND STITCHES! I wouldn’t be completely lost with my sewing machine, but I honestly don’t have the patience or focus to quilt by hand. So, kudos and applause to anyone who has the patience and focus to hand quilt — you’re a rare gem. The quilts are gorgeous, and the stitching is amazing.


Ceramic pots? I don’t know the technical term, but these pots caught my eye because my dad has one at his place. I’ve seen it filled with either winter wear — gloves, scarves, hats, etc. — or candy for Halloween. I should really ask my dad about the history of his ceramic pot — was it a family heirloom or something he picked up?


Other than vintage gumball machines requiring me to look at the price tag (and then walk away), a huge stash of wooden Scrabble tiles made me stop and whip out my checkbook. The vendor sold plastic Scrabble tiles too, but my crafty little brain was more interested in the wooden tiles. Upcoming posts will reveal what I did with the tiles. Stay tuned.

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