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Painting Supplies

CHALLENGE 7: Teach myself to paint three “complicated” 16×20 canvases.

I’m pretty proud of myself for figuring out how to paint 8×10 canvases, and I feel ready to try more “complicated” paintings on 16×20 canvases. One down two to go! Woot!


I have been painting up a storm during July, and I am so so so so so happy with the way my Up theme painting. I did a test run on an 8×10 canvas and loved the painting even with minor errors here and there. After touching up the 8×10 canvas one too many times, I just decided to paint a 16×20 canvas. For the background, I took the canvas outside, sat on the front lawn, brushed blue and white paint all over, and left the canvas outside to dry.


The white bank of clouds was the first thing to paint, and I went over the bottom area just once. Mistakes were bound to happen with the quote “ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE,” and more white paint would be needed to cover the errors. I chose to paint a yellow house because I didn’t want the house to blend in the blue sky. With the flat end of a big carpenter pencil and three days, I used many different colors and shades to complete the balloons.


“ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE” was probably the hardest part of the painting for me. At first, I tried to freehand the quote, but I really didn’t like the look. Second layer of white paint for the clouds. Next, I tried a wooden scrapbook embellishment quote “ENJOY THE VIEW” and that worked OK with some touch ups here and there. But after a day of glancing at it whenever I added more balloons to the bunch, I was not happy with the result. Hello, third layer of whit paint.


And finally I returned to freehand and used the “dot” method. “IS OUT THERE” were the words I painted in simple capital letters and dotted the letter tips for a playful, fun look. Personally, I think dots make everything look better. I was working on a completely different project when I found some old thin cardboard letter stencils! Hmmmmmm. The stencils kind of worked — the stencils gave me a really good outline of the letter and I needed to paint in the letters and touch up some rough up edges.


In the end, I really love my new painting and I can’t wait to hang it up on my wall of art! Plus, I really love the last two paintings before I boxed up my paint supplies and dragged out my sewing machine (I’m so overdue to mend and refashion some clothes now). I had fun painting cute little fish and impressed myself with painting “JUST KEEP SWIMMING.” And I love my first ever hedgehog holding a bunch of red heart balloons, and I free painted “LOVE” on the canvas.

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