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Sitting in front of my sewing machine feels good and bad. Good because I finally put away my painting supplies and returned my little sewing buddy to the table. Bad because my back shoulders feel the pain as I hunch over to inspect my work. Anyway, I needed to store my painting supplies because I will start teaching painting classes soon (think: sip and paint events).


Plus, I started a new part-time job with a local company and I will again spend a few months at a local apple orchard, teaching young kids how apples grow and giving the stink eye to the volunteer parents who feel a field trip is a time to socialize with each other and not keep an eye on their child who is touching everything in sight.


Anyway, I am in love with new part-time job because the dress code is jeans and a T-shirt! JEANS AND A T-SHIRT! If I can’t wear sweatpants to work then jeans is the next best thing. I have five or six pairs of jeans in my arsenal, but I know two pairs are too small and I should throw them into my refashion pile. I have another two pairs that are my favorite because the fit is perfection.


And the last two pairs I’m too scared to try on, thinking they might be too small and fearing I’ve gained a few pounds. Instead of trying on the jeans, I went shopping instead — logical thinking, right? After rummaging through the clearance sections, I didn’t find any pair of jeans I liked but I found a pair of nice dress pants and pair of men’s drawstring khaki pants.


The men’s drawstrings khaki pants were too long, too big, and too baggy on me. No problem. Fixing the baggy issue was very simple — I sewed a new inseam. Normally, I slim down jeans or pants by sewing new side seams but the crotch area was really low. The new inseam solved the baggy problem AND the low crotch area! Yay! A new hem to fit my short length was a piece of cake.


I tried on the refashioned drawstring pants, and I love it except for one issue — the dumb side pockets. The pockets drastically poof out at the sides, making my hips look really wide and weird. Hmmmmmm. I took in the side seams around the hip area, which made a small difference but not enough. When I tried the pants on, I tugged at the pocket fabric and looked for solutions.


Buttons. I think. Very carefully I folded some of the excess fabric and sewed the adjustment in place. The nips and tucks don’t look very pretty, but the buttons cover up the fixes nicely. I sewed two buttons on each side and would’ve sewed on more but couldn’t find more matching buttons after the fourth button. Even without more buttons, I still like my new pants and now I just need more appropriate work shirts.

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