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I’m back at the apple orchard this season! Although I hate sweating the moment I take a step outside in the August heat, little curious kids amuse me with their blank stares or silly questions or statement (“My dad lets me play video games.”). Near the end of the tour, the kids receive a small treat. Last year, tour guides handed cute little honey sticks, and this year, the kids will get a cute little canvas tote.


However, the canvas totes are blank and I brainstormed ideas on how to transfer the orchard’s logo easily and nicely. At first, I thought the freezer paper method would be the easiest, but I had issues figuring out which parts I needed to keep and which to iron. So, I tossed the freezer paper method out the window because it wasn’t quick and easy. What other methods do I have in my creative arsenal?


I totally forgot about my handy dandy little iron-on transfer pen! Brilliant! I reversed the logo on my computer, printed it out, used the transfer pen to trace the logo, and ironed the image onto the two canvas totes. Beautiful! The outlines are little faded, but that’s OK. Now, which paints should I use? Acrylic paints? Or fabric paints? I had two totes and two types of paints. Let the testing begin.


Despite only needing three colors, I didn’t like working with the acrylic paint on the canvas tote. I think the canvas sort of soaked up the paint, which meant I needed several layers. And unfortunately, my paintbrush sort of wandered outside the outline and the logo definitely isn’t perfect. I kind of doubt the kids will carefully inspect my artwork, and somehow a drop of red paint fell outside the outline. Oopsy.


The tote on the left was painted with fabric paint, and the tote on the right with acrylic paint. The fabric paint was much easier to work with (took so much less time), but I need to find a better paintbrush that won’t wander outside the outline and I think I can create a better stencil for the logo. With fabric paint and a good stencil, I’m confident I can whip out more cute apple totes in no time!

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