THREE-DOG DETECTIVE AGENCY: Kenai, Sophie, and Junie are sniffing out the Case of What is Under the Back Deck? Top two suspects are a carrot-loving rabbit hopping away from its dark past and a wise-cracking vole that knows it’s cute and tiny. A spokesperson for the agency says a furry suspect will be apprehended soon.


With my sister and her family and my dad off camping for the weekend, I had the honor of dog-sitting the Three Stooges. After I blocked the side area with a step ladder, the dogs sniffed out the scent through the deck boards. All the dogs ran around the deck, following some scent and completely ignoring me.


Kenai: “I think I can lick my way through the boards. I’m pretty sure I can.” This dog is so weird sometimes, but I love him so much. He may be gigantic, but he’s so friendly and fun. I light up every time I see him.


Finally! Junie and Kenai play tug of war with a rope toy. Despite Kenai being quite bigger, Junie is definitely not intimidated by him. When Sophie’s not around, I believe Junie is the alpha and doesn’t take any crap from Kenai.


See the second gross rope toy in the left side of the picture? When Kenai is not playing tug of war with it, he likes to chew it to pieces. Unfortunately, the stinker pulled it into the house, which I didn’t notice right away. Stinker.


I love Sophie so much, but she can never have too much attention. Unfortunately, when she wants attention or affection, she licks people. Blah. But look at her beautiful sad eyes and face! I can never stay mad at her for very long.


As much as I love the three dogs — Kenai, Junie, and Sophie — I love my two cats more. I love spending time with the three big puppies, but it’s also a reminder why I kind of prefer cats. Our washing machine is entertaining my big Riley cat. What a cutie.

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  1. I love those dogs too! So gorgeous, but I also understand why you don’t want any of your own. I love dogs, but I’m never home long enough to really take care of one. 😦

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