Cricut Gives Your Ultimate Cutting Precision

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Did you know glue from a hot glue gun is super hot? I started creating personalized Scrabble magnets with Mod Podge. I spelled out names of family and friends and glued the Scrabble tiles on cardstock as a base. After coating the names in Mod Podge and letting the glue dry, I rummaged through my ribbon stash and pulled out some fun ribbons. I played around the name and the ribbon to design something easy but pretty.


I actually created a couple of magnets with Mod Podge and a few choice swear words. I wasn’t a big fan of carefully handling the magnets once the glue was applied to the ribbon and the name since the ribbon was highly uncooperative. My hubby found his hot glue gun, and I went to work with more names and ribbons. As much as I love the efficiency of the hot glue gun, I hate the stringiness and messiness, especially when it accidentally burns me.


Anyway, I had some slight issues with the thinner ribbons, which caused one tiny little blister on a finger. At first, I simply folded the ribbon once, laid hot glue on the back of the name, and positioned the tile on top of the pretty ribbon. I let the glue dry for a few minutes before tacking on more hot stuff for the magnet strip. Simple. Cute. But then I had to reach for the stars and try prettier designs. And I got burned. Literally.


At least the blister shrank dramatically overnight. Yay for the little things in life. Anyhoodles, I started gluing three ribbon loops at each end of the name tile, which led to more swearing at the hot glue gun and vigorously shaking my hand. After I completed a couple of magnets with the more “complicated” design, I decided my poor fingers needed a break and I searched for wider ribbon. However, the spools of wide ribbon are a little “girly” for the guy names.


I picked two spools that looked the least “girly” and simply folded and glued the ribbon into a rectangle. I centered and then glued the name tile onto the ribbon. The advantage of using wide ribbon was I didn’t have to cut the wide magnet strip in half. With a coupon, I bought a big magnet roll for a few dollars. With the thinner magnets, I needed to cut the magnet strip in half, which really wasn’t an issue, but not cutting is better.


I just needed to match the length of the magnet strip to the length of the ribbon and then just glue the strip to the ribbon. Easy! After I completed about a dozen magnets, I stuck them on my refrigerator to make sure they would stay (did I make them too heavy or did I use too little magnet), and I took a step back to study the different magnets. I like the mix I created, but my favorite was the wide ribbon magnets. Hubby wisely agreed.


As much as I like how the magnets turned out, I didn’t really have a good time creating them. I burned my fingers. Some of the ribbon was uncooperative. Sometimes the tiles didn’t stay in place. I have a ton of Scrabble tiles left and plan to use them all, but I have no desire to open a small business based on Scrabbles tiles crafts. Don’t worry, I plan to clean up the magnets in the pictures before I give them as gifts. Stupid glue gun.

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  1. I love this idea! I have an old Scrabble game with missing tiles and I see old Scrabble games at thrift stores all the time. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Although the smaller ribbon might be a pain the butt to work i personally like them better. But I’m with you about the glue gun — I’ve burnt my fingers so many times using that stupid thing.

  3. I have often wondered what crafters do with Scrabble tiles, especially when a game is missing a few letters … I love the magnets. Great idea.

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