The World Just Got a Little Sweeter with Gymboree Newborn Styles!

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My supply of Scrabble tiles is dwindling down! Yay! I love the magnets I’m creating, but the process is long and boring. I even bought a new crafty glue gun, which is cute and makes me swear a little bit less, but I’m ready to live in a world without Scrabble tile crafts.


I picked up popsicle sticks at the dollar store and started gluing the Scrabble tiles to them instead of cardstock paper. Lesson learned from the first go-ahead was to work with wide ribbon, so I pulled out pretty dotted ribbon, purple ribbon, and black and white lace ribbon.


How cute are these magnets with the red and white dot ribbon? With the leftover Scrabble tiles, I created as many positive words as I could. Surprisingly, I ended up with four sets of five magnets, and now, I have all the letters people don’t want in a Scrabble game (which I glued to two wooden frames in this post).


Armed with a lazy Saturday and Amazon Prime in front of me, I finished the Scrabble tile magnet projects … well, most of them. I ran out of magnetic strips, and I want to pick up one more roll of ribbon for some of the guy names.


With the positive word magnets, I simply folded and glued the wide ribbon into a rectangle. When the glue dried, I glued the Scrabble tile word on top of the ribbon and a magnetic strip on the bottom, covering the folded edges. Beautiful!


To add a little pizzazz to the guy names, I picked up some ribbon with footballs on it. Not the most creative, but it works for me. As soon as I find more magnetic strips and another ribbon roll, my Scrabble tile projects are finally complete! Yay!

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  1. I like the magnet idea better than Christmas ornaments because I don’t think anyone can have too many magnets and ornaments you bring out once a year. Magnets are better. Thanks for the idea.

  2. I love love love love love the red dotted magnets! If I ask nicely, would you make some? Please? I’m one of your oldest friends!!!!

  3. I love these magnets! I see Scrabble tiles on sale at flea markets all the time but I never thought about turning them into magnets or ornaments. Great idea. Thanks!

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