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I weeded out some old shirts from my packed closet, and I found two identical blue shirts. I don’t remember buying them, but I’m pretty sure the price had to be super low if I bought two. Nothing was wrong with the shirts — lovely blue color and my favorite V-neckline — but I didn’t wear them too much. So, both shirts went into my refashion bin. I pulled out one of the shirts and gave it to a friend who had spilled something on her shirt before an event. When she said the shirt was super comfy, I told her to keep it since I had an identical one anyway.


Thanks to Pinterest, I found inspiration to refashion one of the shirts. Last Christmas, I received a vintage colorful scarf in a white elephant exchange. I fell in love with the bright colors and kept the scarf instead of throwing it out with a trashy romance novel also received. The refashion was pretty simple and would have been quick, but the movie “If I Stay” distracted me more than once.


What I did:

  • cut the scarf in half and created a two-layer triangle
  • made a straight cut halfway up the back of the shirt
  • inserted triangle into the open space of the shirt
  • created a bow with colorful border from the scarf
  • threw away the bow because I didn’t like it
  • sewed a red button at the top of the triangle insert


Nothing was really wrong the shirt to begin with, but I really love the addition of the vintage scarf and red button. And my friend still loves the other shirt and wears it whenever do lunch together. Win-win situation for both shirts. Yay!

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  1. I’ve read some of your work on the Refashion Co-op, and this is the first time I’m visiting your blog. Amazing. I like that your projects are simple and cute.

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