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When I found a simple wooden frame for my Scrabble tile project, I bought five because they were on sale for $2. I’m glad I bought five because I needed two frames to finish up my Scrabble tile project.


I painted two wooden frames bright yellow and the other two red, thinking I would sell them at the apple orchard. Earlier this year, I snagged some wooden hearts with the intention of painting them and using them for another project.


Unfortunately, I have no idea where I stashed the wooden hearts, but I found some cute felt flower embellishments during my search. I played around with the flower arrangement on the frames before committing with my hot glue gun.


The white flower with a red gem in the center is super super super perfect with the red frame! The flowers definitely add a whole ton of cuteness to the frame, which I’m glad I painted, but the embellishments make it cuter.


I’m not one to toot my own horn, but how cute are these frames? I think they look perfect in the apple shop. I priced each frame for $3 — that’s a fair price, right? Wouldn’t you buy a cute frame like these for $3?

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  1. You know if I lived anywhere close to you, I would totally buy the frames at the orchard shop! The frames look awesome!

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