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How handsome is Olaf, one of the new goats at the apple orchard? He’s so outgoing and friendly, and I love petting him. The moment I take a few steps away Olaf starts bleeting and I have to resist the urge to turn around and love him more.


Seamus had a hard day running around the orchard and greeting customers in the shop. I love this friendly pup. My day immediately brightens whenever I see him, and I get excited when he actually saunters my way after I call his name.


I feel like I should apologize for all the apple-related posts, but I really love working at the apple orchard even if the job is seasonal. Bo, the cat, is another reason why I love my seasonal job. He’s so friendly and adorable.


For some reason, I knew the tan-colored goat was named Olaf but my sister didn’t know the name of the second goat. So, I just told kids the black goat was named Kristoff, keeping with the “Frozen” theme. I later found out his real name is Cletus.


My favorite part of my job: hanging out with Olaf and Cletus. How cute and adorable are they? During my tours with kids, I have them say, “Hi, Olaf! Hi, Cletus!” before the kids gawk at them and resist the urge to stick their fingers through the fence.


Kids usually scream in delight whenever Socks (or Boots) decides to grace the shop with his awesome presence. I love that he wanders around the orchard but will saunter in the shop when I’m working in it. I love this cat.

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