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I’m not going to lie. I’m nowhere close to completing my stupid, stupid New Year’s resolution for 2016. Why in the world do I keep making resolutions and completely abandoning them like millions of other people looking to better themselves or start over? So, I officially quit my 2016 New Year’s resolution and plan to stick to a more simple resolution for 2017.

Looking back at my past promises, the only resolution I successfully completed was my very first posted resolution: crochet 25 scarves and then donate them. I was pretty close to completing the Read 50 Books resolution but needed a few more days — or weeks — to read a few more books. What should I do for 2017? Try to read 50 books? Or crochet and donate 25 scarves? Create and donate 25 quillows? Take one picture a day? On the bright side, I have a few more months to decide.

Categories: 2016 Resolution: 12 Challenges, Jennifer Elliott

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  1. Don’t feel bad about not completing your resolutions. Most people don’t. :). Alot of people quit in January. To make it this far is impressive.

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