1.  Get kissed under the mistletoe or in the snow?

2007 answer: Under the mistletoe

2016 answer: Under the mistletoe


2.  Santa or Rudolph?

2007 answer: Rudolph

2016 answer: Always Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

3.  Eggnog or hot cider?

2007 answer: Hot cider

2016 answer: Always hot cider because eggnog is kind of gross

4. Decorating the tree, or putting lights on the outside?

2007 answer: Decorating a tree because it’s inside, where it’s warm and toasty

2016 answer: Decorating a tree because I love looking at all the old ornaments that have been kept for years.

5.  Warm cozy fires or sleigh rides?:

2007 answer: Sleigh rides are fun if the weather’s not freezing cold.

2016 answer: Sleigh rides because it’s romantic and I love horses.


6.  Snow ball fight or snowman?

2007 answer: Hmmmmm, snowman because I like building things … my aim is way off during a snowball fight and I get hit a lot.

2016 answer: Snowman — have you read through Calvin and Hobbes? My favorite part is when Calvin builds a grotesque scene of snowmen. Hilarious!

7.  Caroling or Christmas stories?

2007 answer: Caroling because I love singing the familiar Christmas songs.

2016 answer: Caroling because I love singing even though I have a terrible voice.

8.  Red or green?

2007 answer: Red because I look fantastic in red.

2016 answer: Red because I still look fantastic in red.


1.  Best Christmas present received?

2007 answer: As a kid, probably my Cabbage Patch Kid, Joella Jan.

2016 answer: Last year, Charlie’s mom picked out the best red winter boots for me — I love them so much!!! Also, I was ecstatic with a new pair of Keen his parents bought me.

2.  Favorite Christmas memory?

2007 answer: I don’t think I have a favorite Christmas memory … but I remember catching my younger sister crying because she didn’t get a Cabbage Patch Preemie.

2016: I really can’t remember — I’m sure I was an excited little kid around the holidays, but nothing is jumping out in my mind.

3.  What’s the number one thing you want for Christmas?

2007 answer: A high def TV … wait, world peace.

2016 answer: Um …

4.  Do you send thank you notes?

2007 answer: Yes, a very good habit my mother instilled in me when I was younger. I remember “forgetting” to send thank you notes one holiday, and my mom found out and made me write thank you notes for Christmas presents I received from aunts, uncles, etc. in February. That was the last time I “forgot” to write thank you notes.

2016 answer: Yes, I still send thank you notes. And I love my sisters make their kids write thank you notes.

5.  Did you wake your parents up early to open presents?

2007 answer: Of course … what kid didn’t?

2016 answer: No, since I don’t live with them anymore. I don’t envy my sisters on Christmas day when their little rugrats push them out of bed at an early hour.

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