I’m here! I’m here! Ever since installing Plants vs. Zombies 2 on my phone, I’ve either been working or playing the game. I love this game so much and have spent countless hours defeating zombies or losing my plants.


With my time spent at work or on my phone, I haven’t completed too many crafty projects lately. Complete laziness and no motivation have lured me into a ton of “me” time and charging my cell a little more often.


Any game that combines my love for Plants vs. Zombies and Bejeweled is AWESOME! I needed a bit of time to adjust to new plants and zombies and worlds, but after some exploration, I am in love with this game.


Thanks to my need to keep my plants organized, I took a few screenshots for the post. My defense looks so pretty! Zombies don’t stand a chance against organized and well placed plants except for high levels and fast zombies.


Despite the hours logged, I’m still learning how to defeat certain zombies (I’m pointing my fingers at you, Wizard Zombie and Shovel Zombie!). At some point in time, I will become productive again, but for now, I have a defense to plan.

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