For the past six years dementia has quickly taken my mom’s memories, her mind, her movements, her speech, and her body. Dementia has broken my heart more times than I can count when her eyes don’t flicker any recognition when I kneel before her or when she stopped showing any sort of emotion.

The past six years have been overwhelmingly emotional and heartbreaking, but I want to remember her as the mom who gave me stink eye when I disappointed her, the mom who clapped at my piano recitals, the mom who yelled encouragement at my cross country meets, and the mom who hugged me when I was sad.

Her days are limited, and my heart breaks even though I’m ready — and at peace — for God to bring her into His kingdom. I’m sad for so many reasons, but most of all, I just miss my mom.

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  1. Please accept our most heartfelt sympathies for your loss…our thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time.

  2. Call me if you need anything, sweetheart. I’ve always loved your mom, and I still remember the time she took us out for pizza when she visited you in Winona. Love you.

  3. Jennifer, I am so sorry to read this. My grandmother had dementia and I had to watch my mom go through the same thing. It is a terrible disease and even more terrible to watch a loved one who has it. Just remember the loving mom she was and still is. Stay positive and hang in there 🙂

  4. I know I can’t make your pain go away, but I want you to know I’m here with a shoulder or an ear or anything else you need

  5. Beautifully written, Jenn. The love you have for you mom really shines through. Just know she’s whole again and remembers everything about you.

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