I spotted my favorite color of Lantanas during a quick stroll in the greenhouse, and I decided to finally bite the bullet and buy the pretty flowers. A pretty blue ombre-ish ceramic pot had caught my eye for a weeks, and I thought the pot would be perfect for the Lantanas. Much thanks to my co-workers who gave me so much advice to keep Beatrice alive and transplanted the flowers from three smaller pots to the big one.

Fingers crossed I can help Beatrice continue to bloom during the summer since I don’t have much of a green thumb. The beautiful colors and small blooms are just too pretty, and I think Beatrice looks fabulous sitting outside my front door, where she receives sun, shade, and sprinkles when it rains. My hope is Beatrice will bloom a little more and fuller. I hope my black thumb doesn’t kill her immediately. Wish me luck!

Categories: Jennifer Elliott

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